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Getting Started

Choosing to advertise on a website has never been this easy! Allowing others to buy ads and place them on your website is just as easy!

“Our mission has always been the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience at the RIGHT time”


Advertisers now have the ability to select and distribute their Ads on websites inside our Armory Agency network. Advertising to your target audiences is just a few clicks away!


Publishers have the ability to monetize their sites by allowing advertisers, that sign up under Armory Agency, to promote products or services.

Top Websites of the Month

Propel your business to new heights with us! For the first time we’re allowing our in house ad software on 3rd party industry websites.

Which in return allows you to advertise on industry sites directly. 

Your Publisher Profile

Every month 1000’s of new advertisers search though our publisher profiles. Looking for the idea places to advertising there products and services. 

20+ Ways to Display Advertising

Armory Agency puts you in the driver’s seat. You can choose how you want ads to be shown and function on your website. 

Single Ad

All Ads in Space

Random Ads

Ads in Grids

Ads as Slider

Corner Peel

Ads in Sidebar

HTML/ Javascript


Text Hover Ads

Video Ads

Floating Ads

Full Layer Ad

Background Ads

Exit Pop-up Ads

Scroll Bar

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Robert Cain CEO and Founder

“Armory Agency allows businesses that have been restricted (Firearm Shops, Services, & Accessories, Ammunition, etc.) to shop Websites where their targeted audiences are, pick one or more Websites to promote on and pay the Websites they are promoting on all through this platform.

It’s A Win-Win! The businesses that have been restricted are now able to promote their products and the websites that we’re unable to get advertisers (restricted from ads space from google, AdSense, etc.) can now make money with digital advertising!”