3 Myths About Gun Control Debunked

Gun Control

Before I break down this anti-gun propaganda video, know that this is not my first response video to Igor Volsky. On March 25, 2020, I did a response video to his other Anti-gun video titled: Why People Are Panic-Purchasing Guns.

IGOR Volsky is the Executive Director of GUNS DOWN AMERICA.

The Home Page of Guns Down America literally says:
Guns Down is moving our country toward a future with fewer guns by running campaigns to weaken the gun industry, the gun lobby, and the lawmakers who support them.

Guns Down America is the attack dog of the culture war against the second amendment. Their website brags about how Guns Down America has led large coalitions to execute successful campaigns that have forced FedEx to stop providing discounts to NRA members, drove two large insurers (Chubb and Lockton Affinity) to break their business relationship with the NRA’s Carry Guard insurance and helped push the NRA toward bankruptcy, pushed the nation’s largest banks to publicly back away from doing business with the gun industry, and convinced Walmart to significantly reduce their gun sales and begin actively lobbying for gun reform. (https://gunsdownamerica.org/about/)

So what you’re about to watch from Igor is not objective, it’s pure anti-gun propaganda designed to look objective and I debunk all of the myths.

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