A Message to Joe Biden From Gun Owners & Second Amendment Advocates

Joe Biden Gun Control

A Message to Joe Biden From Gun Owners & Second Amendment Advocates

President Joe Biden, I’ve never met you, so I can’t say I don’t like you personally, but I can say I am not a fan of you politically and that’s ok, because if you’ve seen the multiple videos I’ve done about you over the years, I’m sure you’re not a fan of me either.

Because I love this country so much, I want to see you succeed as president. I want to see you make this country better and you said it yourself, ” You Pledged to be a president for all Americans and that you will work just as hard for those Americans who didn’t vote for you as you will for those who did and I want to believe you, I really do, but I have to call rubbish.

How are you Supposed to be the president of all Americans when you threatening to defeat the largest 2nd Amendment organization in country that is comprised of 5 million gun owners?

How are you supposed to be the president of all Americans when you threatening to destroy the gun industry that’s responsible for employing 312 million people?

Well over 30% of Americans in his country own a gun and over 40% live in a household with a gun and just in 2020 alone, we had near 5 million first-time gun buyers, many of whom voted for you! The National African American Gun Association has gained over 30,000 members in less than five years and close to 90% of black voters voted for you.

So when you talk about Defeating the NRA, so when you talk about defeating the gun manufactures, you’re not talking about a faceless organization, you’re talking about defeating and destroying Americans.

Because I love this country so much and only want the best for the people of this country, I want to I wish you the absolute best over the next four years of your presidency and I pray that you do everything in power to make America even better than it already is.

I read your plan to end Gun Violence and it doesn’t even come close to representing gun owners and their 2A rights.

Everything in your plan was for the Anti-gun lobby and organizations.

There are over 17 million AR-15s in this country and is the most popular rifle bought buy Americans yet Your main point in your plan to end gun violence is to ban AR-15s and then force the gun owners that already have them to sell them back to you!

But like I said earlier, just because I did not vote for you doesn’t mean I don’t want you to be a good president for this country.

You said it yourself. you pledged to be “a president for all Americans” who will “work just as hard for those of you who didn’t vote for me, as I will for those who did.”

Well, now you’re the president , and here I am being the voice for millions of gun owners telling you to live by your words and work just as hard for us gun owners who did and did not vote for you by including us in the national 2A conversation.

I don’t mean hosting loaded CNN town halls with handpicked picked, ” I support the 2A But” people who you went to high school with and bought a shotgun the day before the town hall so they can technically be considered a gun owner.

Im saying give real gun owners a seat at the table so that a real conversation can be had about how to stop violence committed with guns and how to rebuild and maintain the integrity of the second amendment.

I’m not saying it has to be me, but up until this point it’s been no one.

So again, I implore you, Mr President, be the first. Be the first democrat president to reach out to real gun owners and have a real, open and honest conversation about the 2nd Amendment.

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