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Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting wants to make it easy for individuals and businesses to find the help they need whether it be a skilled psychic, life coach, astrologer, a marketplace to sell products, or even daily motivation or guidance. The great thing about this platform is it gives an opportunity for individuals and businesses to not only grow themselves but to help those around the world needing assistance. 

This platform was created as a common ground playground. To ask questions, seek answers, find the help specific to the needs of clients and/or businesses.  We have topics ranging from Astrology to Mediumship, Psychic Gifts and Intuition, Motivation, and much more. Clients have the ability to connect with like-minded individuals from across the globe through our Forums, Articles, and IntuitiveTV. We also allow businesses or individuals to sell products on their own storefront located in our Intuitive Marketplace. 

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