Attempted Mass Shooter Stopped By Man With Rifle Ignored By Mainstream Media

Fort Smith Arkansas Shooting

Attempted Mass Shooter Stopped By Man With Rifle Ignored By Mainstream Media

It goes without saying that if another person didn’t take out this pathetic excuse for a human being with a gun, the gun control lobby and the media would be talking about this shooting nonstop.

So for the people who swear up and down that the gun control lobby “doesn’t want to take your guns” and they just want to save lives, this man just saved all the lives of the people in that apartment complex, and I couldn’t find this story anywhere on their networks, and I think we know why.

It doesn’t fit their narrative.

The problem with the gun debate is that one side is being honest and the other isn’t. The Gun Control lobby deceives with its goal and say their goal is to save lives. That is not their goal; their goal is to institute more gun control.

If the goal were truly about saving lives, they’d be talking about how to empower people to defend themselves when the police can’t get there in time. They will tell you how words on a piece of paper will not stop a person who doesn’t care about those words from getting a gun and trying to kill You.

The goal of gun owners is to protect their lives and the lives of the people they love.

Gun owners don’t care if they have to protect their lives with the gun of Rambo, the Thor hammer, Leonardos Bo Staff, or Katniss Everdeen’s Bow and Arrow.

We just want the most effective means possible to protect our lives and the people we love, and that just so happens to be a gun. That’s also why the Second Amendment doesn’t say we have the right to keep and bear “Guns”; it says ARMS.

That means weapons! The Second Amendment was not about protecting guns; it was about protecting the people’s right to possess the best means to protect not only themselves but our country.

Too many people in this country think the founding fathers were just a bunch of old heads who had no foresight and that we are too advanced as a society for the second Amendment.

Wrong! Our forefathers had a front-row seat to the reality of human existence without the distractions of modern luxury, which insulates us from the darker side of reality that still manages to pierce the veil of complacency that is afforded by living in modern society.

Our society sits on a thin veil that drapes across the ambitions of evil, and when said evil rears its ugly head, I want the best thing possible to stop it as soon as possible.


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