Barrel Shrouds and that “Shoulder Thing That Goes Up”

John and I attempt to explain Barrel Shrouds and such, but a real “expert” in these matters shows up to clarify it all! ????
You need to watch Tucker’s classic Barrel Shroud interview if you have not seen it:
Also, try to put party politics aside if at all possible. Sorry if you do not like Tucker’s politics; that’s fine. I have admired his work for many years, especially his relentless public support for the Second Amendment.
We want everybody to feel welcome here at our channel, regardless of politics, religion, color, gender, age, etc. The Constitution and Second Amendment is the gigantic common denominator around here!!! At the same time, I’m not going to walk around on “egg shells” and be afraid to offend somebody. A certain percentage of people are absolutely going to be offended by anything you or I say. That’s a given.
While the rest of us mostly “preach to the choir” on a daily basis, Tucker reaches millions of people “outside the choir” with his Second Amendment support. That’s why we welcomed him here to do a segment for Fox Nation. Plus, the more firearms content on Fox Nation, the better!
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