Biden’s Appointed CDC Director To Spend Millions Declaring Gun Violence A Public Health Crisis

Rochelle Walensky CDC

So the CDC will spend millions of taxpayer dollars to research Gun Violence as a Health Threat.

No person or organization has stopped the CDC from funding research; the CDC has been prohibited from using tax dollars to advocate or promote gun control since 1996, but not from conducting research.

There are tons of research done on gun violence.

The Funding isn’t the issue.

They want to exploit the CDC’s perceived legitimacy to push gun control under the guise of a “National Health Crises.”

This woman was appointed to this position by Biden. We all know where he stands on guns, not to mention the Position of Director of the CDC does not require Senate confirmation to take office, so essentially, Biden Owns her.

So forgive me for not being super optimistic that this director, who owes her position to one of the most Anti-gun presidents in our recent history, is now going to try to use the perceived legitimacy of the CDC to research the “GUN VIOLENCE epidemic.”

I’ve already done a video titled “THE TRUTH ABOUT GUN VIOLENCE BY THE NUMBERS,” proving that the US does not have a gun violence problem, much less a gun violence epidemic.

But if you think for one second that she and CDC are not going to push gun control under the guise of “Public Health,” you’re fooling yourself.

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