Grip Clamp C™ – a legit shooting technique?

Since we got a ton of comments wondering if this Grip Clamp C is just a joke or a real technique, Žiga decided to make a quick video explaining it.
Grip Clamp C is a parody video and it’s based on a real shooting technique of supporting you rifle in different shooting positions of when shooting from barricades.
No, we didn’t invent this grip and we didn’t actually trademarked it – if you don’t get it, this is a part of the joke.
It’s a bit of a parody of shooting instructors/gurus/schools that are sometimes trying to reinvent the wheel by using old or abstract shooting techniques and calling them something new.
Why? Usually to look cool, different and attractive, because at the end, this is what sells the classes (looking at you, israeli shooting techniques!)

And for all the cool people that took the time to actually read the whole video description, here’s a link to a Grip Clamp C t-shirt on sale:

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