How I Quickly Clean My Rifle

Clean Rifle

This is my Daniel Defense MK12. I’ve had this rifle for a few years now and it’s one of my favorite rifles, easily in my top 10 rifles that I own.

I haven’t done a video on it, but I have done my fair share of shooting off-camera with it.

When it comes to cleaning my rifles. I believe you’re better off quickly cleaning your rifles after each range trip than you are spending hours cleaning every inch of the rifle every once in a while.

I just want the rifle to run reliably, SO this is how I quickly clean my rifles after a day at the gun range.

First, make sure there is no ammo in the rifle, and then I place the rifle in the gun vice and separate the lower from the upper.

You don’t technically need a gun vice for this, you could do all this on a tabletop or on your lap but the vice not only makes things easier, but it also makes this video look sexier and we all know how much I love sexy.

From here I take out the charging handle and bolt carrier group and grab my gun lube. Everyone has their opinion on gun lube, gun cleaners, etc, etc.

The main point of cleaning your gun is to make sure it runs reliably, you do that by removing carbon build-up and keeping your gun lubricated.

Some products only clean and some only lubricate and other products like Slip2000 Gun Lube does both ( If I was doing a deep clean, I’d use their 725 cleaner or carbon killer, but for quick maintenance cleaning which is what this video is about, I just use their Gun Lube.

I take the gun lube and I put a thin line on the sides avoiding the vent holes and underneath the bolt carrier on the metal contact points.

I then take my towel and use it to clean off any carbon build-up. Then I’ll take my other towel and wipe it off. I then put a little bit of gun lube on the contact points.

If I was deep cleaning I’d take the entire bolt apart, but that’s for another video.

I’ll then put a little bit of gun lube on the charging handle and wipe that down.

After this, I’ll grab my bore snake and run it through the barrel a couple times. Then using q-tips with gun lube or a brush, I’ll wipe down the breach.

After that, I’ll use one of my towels with gun lube on it and wipe down the take-down pins.

From here I’ll put the rifle back together and that’s it. When it comes to cleaning my rifles, I’m not a perfectionist.

I’m just not going to spend hours cleaning every nook and cranny to perfection only to undo all of that it with one magazine, so I clean my AR-15’s well enough to make sure they keep running, and once I get a substantial amount rounds through my rifles, like 10,000 rounds then I’ll do a deep clean.

Otherwise, this is how I quickly and easily clean my rifles.

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