How To Mount A Rifle Scope

This is just about everything the average shooter could possibly want to know about mounting a scope. We’ve walked through the whole process step by step, explaining not just the “how” but the “why” behind each step. Our demo gun is an AR-15 with low-powered variable optic, but most of these procedures should work for other types of rifles and optics as well.

00:02 – Introduction
01:39 – Choosing the right rings and mounts
03:29 – Understanding cheek weld and optic height
06:43 – Cheap versus affordable versus premium scope mounts
08:29 – Tools needed for mounting an optic
09:56 – Mounting a rifle optic – safety check
10:22 – Does your rifle need a scope base?
11:38 – Initial placement of the mount and optic
15:07 – Using thread locker/Loctite
18:27 – Setting eye relief
21:20 – Torquing the mount screws
23:28 – Leveling the optic
25:19 – Torquing the scope ring screws
26:30 – Adding witness marks
27:38 – Final thoughts

The AR used in this video is a 16-inch BCM with an Aero Precision handguard, a Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist stock, and a PWS FSC Compensator.

The optic is a Swamp Fox Arrowhead 1-10×24 with a Swamp Fox Independence mount.

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