Joe Biden’s Gun Control Overreach Is About Expanding Government Powers

2nd Amendment

Joe Biden Mislead The Public About Ghost Guns, Braces, & Suing Gun Companies

These executive actions do nothing to get guns out of the hands of criminals. They need the criminals to leverage the chaos that the criminals create to justify their overreach.

That’s why they’re so focused on taking guns away from law-abiding Americans because we would have to be utterly reliant on the government for our safety.

With whatever the criminals are doing out there, we won’t be able to defend ourselves; therefore, we have to rely on them.

Their policies constantly revolve around the idea of expanding government powers. So they’re not worried about getting the guns out of the hands of criminals. They spend more time focusing on how to get guns out of the hands of good people.

A lot of this Gun Control overreach was political theater.

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