New FBI Study Finds Knives Kill 2X More Than Rifles & Shotguns Combined


All through the 2020 election, all we heard was ban the scary rifles! Over and Over Again.

They talked so much about banning Semi-Automatic rifles that if I were an alien watching the 2020 election from space, I would swear AR-15 gun battles were going on in the streets of the US every day.

But here’s the problem, The FBI just came out with their most recent uniform Crime report, and in that crime report, it says that in 2021, 454 people were killed with a rifle, not just AR15’s but all rifles.

In the same year, 203 people were killed with shotguns.

Those numbers are tragic, but what’s more pathetic, they’re not talking about because it completely and utterly destroys the whole Assault weapon narrative.

The same report shows that 1,732 people were with “Knives or Cutting Instruments.”

Yes, you heard that right more than two times the number of people were killed by Knives than they were by All rifles and All Shotguns Combined.

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