New Zealand Stores Ban Knives After Mass Stabbing, This is Getting Ridiculous

Mass Stabbing New Zealand

Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.

Someone clearly forgot to tell these people that Idiocracy, was meant to be a movie, not a documentary.

Is this really how we want to live our lives?

Every time someone uses something to do bad things with we ban them like we’re little kids.

I really need the people in the US to wake up because this will very easily become our reality as long as we allow politicians to convince us that banning everything will make us safer.

Nearly everything can be used as a tool for destruction.

I really shouldn’t be surprised, guns are basically banned in London, and guess what happened?

Knife crimes went up and when they didn’t have the lack of gun control to blame the violence on, these idiots started talking about Knife Control.

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