The Machine CHALLENGE – Can you beat his time?

In this video The Machine tries the highly requested FAST drill and absolutely nails it. Judging from their official website The Machine just set another world record!

Since some people think that the drills The Machine does are easy, we have decided to issue a CHALLENGE.
Very simple, make the Mozambique drill with a better time than The Machine and we will give you a FREE handgun – the Arex Delta gen 2.

The rules are simple – the whole drill has to be performed on video without edits. The target, hits and timer have to be clearly visible.
The Mozambique drill has to be done with an IDPA target or similar with same measurements at the minimum distance of at least 6 feet (1,82 m). Handgun is condition 1 in holster and arms in relaxed position.
On a signal you have to draw and shoot two round in the “body” and one to the “head” area.
I is crucial that your timer is set to RANDOM delay of 1-3 or 1-5 seconds.

The first one to beat the time of 0.96 s gets and Arex Delta gen 2 handgun for FREE!
(local laws apply)
Upload the video to YT and send us a link to polenartactical(at)gmail(dot)com

Regarding the guns, gear and accessories used:
– only handguns with centerfire ammo
– anything that is safe and reasonable is allowed
– we don’t have restrictive rules but we reserve the right to disqualify someone if we feel that he is trying to game the challenge, use an unfair advantage or cheat
(for example, setting the holster in a way that his hand will already be on the gun when in relaxed position)

Big thanks to Arex and Optics Trade to make this video possible

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