What’s Behind The Ammo Shortage In The US? – President of Major Ammo Company Nosler Explains

Ammo Shortage

What’s Behind The Ammo Shortage In The US? – President of Major Ammo Company Nosler Explains

Manufacturers are working non-stop to satisfy the increased demand for ammo. The shortage can be accredited to a number of factors.

For starters, there have been over eight million new gun owners within the past year.

In addition, there have been one million-plus new hunters that have entered the market.

Typical consumer behavior is buying in bulk when things get scarce which is why if you see three boxes on the shelf now, you would just buy all three when normally you would have bought just one.

More importantly, these new shooters and new hunters are actively participating.

The combination of new gun owners and existing gun owners has made products extremely scarce.

Other factors for the ammunition shortage include trying to disperse ammunition to everyone including independent dealers, retailers because if they have nothing to sell they won’t be in business. This includes allocating to the military and international deals.

Suppliers are actively making sure they keep the same quality standard they have had as a brand while trying to massively increase infrastructure, manpower, and running 24 hours.

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