Why Did 135 Republicans Just Vote To Advance ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation Laws?

HR 4350 NDAA

On September 23, 2021, the US House of Representatives passed Bill H.R. 4350.

This bill is called the National Defense Authorization Act.

Inside this BIll there is a section titled, “Authority of Military Judges and Military Magistrates To Issue Military Court Protective Orders.

If you haven’t caught on yet, that ladies and gentlemen are Red Flag Law Provision.

This provision will give military courts the authority to confiscate or prevent a soldier from exercising their 2A rights without due process.

The Bill passed 316-113 and of the 316 votes in favor of the bill, 135 were Republicans.

This obviously ticked 2A Community because we can’t understand why under any circumstance would Republican politicians who pride themselves on protecting our constitutional rights ever be ok with Red Flag laws that literally violate not only the 2nd but also the fourth Amendment completely ignoring due process?

US Congressman Gregory F. Murphy, claims the Democrats concealed the Red Flag Law in the Bill.

He stated, “I am outraged that House Democrats are once again trying to conceal unconstitutional red flag laws in the NDAA that could be used to unjustly deprive American servicemembers of their Second Amendment rights,” said Rep. Murphy. “Our national defense bill is a key component of ensuring that our Armed Forces and their families have the resources they need, and it is reprehensible that Democrats are trying to use the NDAA to subvert our veterans’ right to possess a firearm.”

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